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Vabulous' was born April 6, 1998. When she was about 3 months old, 
Bob said "Have you taken a close look at this kitten ? She is just Fabulous!  So in accordance with the Birman Naming Tradition, she was
named 'Bojacat Vabulous' !
Vabulous went to her first show in Racine, WI when she was just 4
months old.  She was awarded 2 top ten finals ! (go to  WWW.CFAINC.ORG for an explanation of CFA show awards)
A kitten must be at least 4 months old before it can go to a cat show. 
Any cat between 4 months and 8 months is shown in the kitten class. Once a cat becomes 8 months olds, it is then shown as a adult in the Championship class (for whole cats) or as an adult in Premiership Class (for altered cats).
It is difficult for a 4 month old kitten to compete with kittens that are
older, because the older kittens are larger and more mature and have a
better chance of meeting their BREED STANDARD.

At the end of August, we took Vabulous to the Sacred Cat of Burma Show in Medina, OH.   There were 44 Birman kittens present and 115 Allbreed kittens present, so the competition was quite fierce ! And what an exciting weekend it turned out to be !
There 6 judging rings - 3 each day.
In the Birman breed, each judge chooses his 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for the
male kittens of each color and also chooses 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for the
female kittens of each color.  (presently there are 4 colors accepted by CFA for competition - Chocolate, Seal, Lilac & Blue)
In each color he also chooses - Best of color and 2nd Best of color. 
So after judging all the Birman kittens, each judge will have narrowed his choices down to 8, for Best of Breed and 2nd Best of Breed.

Vabulous was chosen as Best of Color - Blue point, by the 1st judge, Wain Harding, but he kept us all guessing as to who he had chosen for Best & 2nd Best of Breed, until he finished judging all 115 allbreed kittens and was ready to do the Top 10 finals.
We were very excited when Vabulous' number was called for the final. 
She was awarded Best Birman and 2nd Best Allbreed kitten in show ! We were thrilled !
Our second ring of the day was just as exciting ! 
Gene Darrah awarded her Best Birman Kitten and Best Allbreed Kitten !
At the end of the weekend, her cage was totally covered with large rosettes. 
All in all, she received 4 Best Birman kitten rosettes and 4 top ten
final rosettes ! 
But the Best award that she received was from the other Birman exhibitors. 
On Saturday, every Birman exhibitor at the show is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Birman Kitten, Champion & Premiership at the show. 
Vabulous received the Exhibitor's Choice Award for Best Birman Kitten! It is a gorgeous rosette, made by Hilde Schone, that we will always cherish.
Sunday after all the judges finals are awarded, then the SCBF Club also
awards rosettes for Best in Show.
Vabulous was "Best Birman Kitten in show", paws down !
Needless to say, we were on cloud-nine all the way home !

And this was just the beginning of Vabulous' show career !
I won't go into as great a detail, but these are just some of her
      * Milwaukee Cat Club - Best kitten in show
      * National Birman Fanciers - Best Birman kitten (out of 61 Birman
                                                 kittens entered)
      * Oklahoma City Cat Club - Best Longhair kitten in show
      * International Cat Show - 6th Best Longhair kitten (out of several
                                               hundred entered)
On December 6th, when Vabulous turned 8 months old, she was 9th Best
Kitten in the country !
So we crossed our fingers and hoped that when April 30th rolled around
(end of show season), that she would have enough points to remain in the Top 20 kittens nationally.

In June in Sacramento, CA, Bojacat Vabulous was awarded CFA's 11th best kitten and earned the title of "National Winner" !



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