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Sire: Pleasantview Yanquer Doodle ("Dude")
Dam: Bojacat XTC
XTC had two live babies, born January 13, 2007. Unfortunately she also had one very large kitten that she was unable to deliver. She had to have a c-section & to be spayed. The kitten was already dead and her system was toxic; so she was unable to care for her 2 live babies. Luckily Zubrianna was willing to accept XTC's babies even though her own 4 babies were 8 days older. I supplemented XTC's babies with kitten milk until they were old enough to eat canned food. It was interesting to watch the development of the younger XTC babies vs. Zubrianna's older kittens. XTC's babies seemed to learn how to do everything much quicker than normal. The pictures below are of XTC's seal point male. We are keeping his blue point sister.

Seal Point Male , this cutie has deep blue eyes. No longer available ~ promised to KH.

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