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Sire: Starcrystal's CJ of Bojacat
Dam: Bojacat Zubrianna
Zubrianna's litter has 4 babies. One seal point
male and 3 seal point females.  These babies were born January 5, 2007

Kitten 1: Seal Point male ~ he is a typical boy! He's bigger
than his sisters and when he gets a hold of a toy he doesn't
want to share! No loner available ~ promised to MH.

Kitten 2: Seal Point female, dark blue eyes, light body coat ~ no longer available, promised to GR.

Kitten 3: Seal Point female ~ dark blues eyes, sweet face,
lots of coat. No longer available ~ promised to MEM.

Kitten 4: Seal Point female ~ pretty face, dark blue eyes, a
little more shading in her body coat. No longer available ~ promised to EV.


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